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  1. Andy asked about energy management. Energy Management is the next frontier in controlling cost on the shop floor. A number of solution providers, like SAP, are building energy monitor into their shop floor control software giving companies complete visibility to innovation and its impact on their cost structure.

  2. Is System Insights working with the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium)? It appears to me that MTConnect fits nicely into their IOT reference model

  3. I call this the chicken and the egg question. With respect to analytics, did you (everyone in the audience) begin your journey capturing data to see what it was telling you, or did you go into it with a question and begin to capture data that would help you answer that question?

  4. Does Steelcase use outside resources to assist them with identification and implementation of opportunities to improve the way their equipment communicates with operators and management? Are their equipment systems the same at all of their locations or do they differ from one to another?

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